What makes my coaching so efficient?

Focus is what moves us, gets us moving and keeps us in motion - and this applies to both physical and mental movement. Finding the right focus is what makes us successful.

My focus as a coach is on your concerns. And, depending on the phase in the process and topic, I will engage with you as your sparring partner, devil’s advocate, encourager, provider of information, questioner, nag, listener, inspiration-midwife, slower, accelerator - and above all, I will always be on your side. Our common goal is for you to find your helpful focus in a flexible and situational way and to be able to see both the big picture and the specific sub-theme.

Basic information on why "focusing" works can be found here. 

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coaching: efficient and empathic

A conversation among equals.
target-oriented and resource-oriented.

What is the difference between efficient and fast?

Working with a focus and goal is efficient and fast when many factors are just right. But what if things do not work out "fast"? The process is still efficient. Because things don’t work as quickly as desired, that only means: There is still more relevant information to be sought or feasibility to be checked - who can know all of that in advance?

Depending on the coaching topic and concerns, a coaching process can last from 2 to 20 hours. It can be a personal assessment of the current situation and the development of a vision of the future. Old patterns may come to light which are helpful in certain contexts but not in others. Depending on the circumstances, only parts of a major topic can be dealt with, or an entire topic can be worked on "to the end".

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Which topics are typical in coaching?

Self-assured) communication in professional contexts

Group management skills


Time Management

Impression Management in professional contexts

Management styles and flexible handling of management styles

Communication in conflicts

and ….....

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What is the difference?

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